MOCA Annex: Pastry as Art

"Pastry as Art" proposes an satellite extension of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, CA, which combines pastry production and consumption on a single site and opens the entirety of the process to the public, simultaneously emphasizing production and de-emphasizing the role of the consumer. 


Located in rapidly-gentrifying downtown LA, "Pastry as Art" combines ingredient refinement, production, and consumption on a single site, simultaneously nodding towards the industrial past of the neighborhood while welcoming a new set of uses for the grid of warehouses and the sites surrounding the LA river. 

"Pastry as Art" is experienced via three paths: one each for the workers, the visitors, and the food itself. While the workers have a privileged path through the building, with nodal paths connecting workspaces (in blue), the visitors are relegated to a role similar to that of the pastry itself. As the pastry moves on a conveyor belt through the various processes of baking (in yellow), the visitor, too, must stick to a proscribed path (in pink), experiencing the process of pastry creation through mediated views into various work spaces.



Rather than allowing visitors to experience only the finished pastry product, "Pastry as Art" requires visitors to experience the entire process, before seeing its conclusion. By breaking up the program into serialized units, the path through the site become processional and creates interstitial spaces usable as patios.